Hacked by Loard Mahdi


Breaking news from the BBC Paper tax returns to be replaced by digital by 2020


Tax Fact from Fiction. 24/10/11


HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) enjoyed an "unduly cosy" relationship with major companies. 21/12/11


HMRCs Tax Return Initiative. 27/07/12


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Often, clients come to us because their previous accountant has done nothing other than prepare their accounts, and they want an accountant who will meet with them and offer advice when it is needed.

Often, the previous accountant’s communication skills have not satisfied the client, i.e. not communicating enough, not talking the language they understand, or simply not being interested enough in the client's issues.

Often, we take clients following recommendations from their bankers or solicitors when they have been unable to obtain the necessary information on a timely basis.

The impact to you:

  • Better communication
  • Meetings when necessary
  • Proactive thinking about your business
  • First port of call for all business issues
  • Advice on how to maintain your accounts so that they stand up to enquiry
  • Sound advice on tax & tax planning
  • Strategic planning & marketing advice
  • Long-term business & personal planning
  • Personal service for all clients
  • Your calls always answered