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News - 2 October 2012

Labour plans to end Elitism in Education

In his big set-piece speech at the Labour Party conference, Ed Miliband launched a crusade to tackle youth unemployment including plans for a new technical qualification for 18-year-olds.

Mr Miliband announced that a Labour government would offer a new qualification at 18 called a Technical Baccalaureate and insist all young people study English and maths up to that age. Labour's reforms would also give businesses control over government funding of £1bn to spend on apprenticeships and more say in setting standards for qualifications.

His speech also highlighted his family background and his early life and his education at a London comprehensive, contrasting it with the background of David Cameron.

Mr Miliband declared that the next Labour government would reform education and apprenticeships - in partnership with business - to create a more highly skilled and highly paid workforce.

The new certificate would replace the dozens of existing vocational qualifications with a single "gold standard" exam, which would also include maths and English.

Labour would also reform apprenticeships, giving control of the £1bn budget for on-the-job training to business and allowing firms more of a say in setting the standards for vocational qualifications, he said.

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