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News - 26 October 2012

Tough new regime for trainee teachers

Education Secretary Michael Gove has said that the introduction of the "rigorous selection" of trainee teachers was key to raising school standards.

All trainee teachers currently have to pass basic skills tests in literacy and numeracy. However, until this September they were allowed unlimited resits, and recent figures showed that around 98% of trainees passed the tests, potentially calling into question the level of challenge.

From this September onwards, trainees have been limited to two resists, however, a panel of head teachers and education experts has recommended that the tests are toughened-up further.

Following the changes, candidates will have to achieve separate passes in English, mathematics and reasoning in order to be able to start teacher training.

Mr Gove said: "The evidence from around the world is clear - rigorous selection of trainee teachers is key to raising the quality and standing of the teaching profession.

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