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News - 15 May 2013

'Pupil premium should be protected from cuts.

Michael Gove, the education secretary, said the pupil premium needed to be insulated from any cuts during the latest Spending Review, which takes place on 26 June, to ensure that school funding that helps England's most disadvantaged pupils will be protected.

The pupil premium was introduced in April 2011 with the aim of bringing the achievements of poorer pupils up to the level of their better-off peers.

It is paid to schools for each pupil who is eligible for free school meals or who has been eligible at any point during the previous six years, or for pupils who have been in care for more than six months continuously.

Schools are free to spend the money as they see fit, but must be able to show how the cash is helping children from low income families. In February, Ofsted said a significant minority of schools in England are still not spending the extra funding effectively.

Mr Gove also acknowledged that he had pushed for too many changes to exams.

Lavinia Newman, founder of ABDS comments:
Initially he had wanted to scrap GCSEs in key subjects in England and replace them with English Baccalaureate Certificates, but instead he had to settle for changes to GCSEs.

On exams, Mr Gove said: "I bit off more than I could chew."
"In the end I had to accept that wasn't the right thing to do, but we are making some big changes elsewhere.

He said the current history curriculum reduces things "to a lowest common denominator level which provides people with a level of historical knowledge that is just not adequate".

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