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News - 9 October 2013

Space for Growth

pace for Growth is a Government initiative, which aims to make surplus space available to support small businesses, social enterprises and charities.

The Government has buildings that are surplus to requirements and while they are awaiting disposal, are available for use which will enable organisations to work flexibly across the county in locations that are setup for business use, with wi-fi. For further information please visit the Space for Growth Webpage or email

Some of these spaces, known as Sole Occupancy, are generally available on a 6 or 12 month occupancy, but for no longer than 23 months. Although offered free, with no rent and rates, the occupants will be responsible for the service and utility charges for the property.

Other areas, known as Bookable Spaces, are within buildings that have manned reception desks and as such have the flexibility to be booked on an ad hoc basis. Desks and meeting rooms can be booked through the epims Portal. All individuals working this way need to have a basic security clearance (for a one-off £25 cost) that can be used to gain access to all bookable site
Spaces must be booked by contacting the Government via email on and an information pack will be sent out.

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