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News - 29 October 2013

HMRC: New approach to Business Record Checks (BRCs).

In the latest phase of BRC, many of the customers contacted by HMRC have been keeping records correctly. So HMRC wants to explore how to better target this activity.

From 4 November 2013, HMRC's BRC activity in the Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Bradford and Stockport areas will explore new ways of using the checks. As part of this, HMRC will evaluate new risk processes and ensure new approaches are cost-effective and fit with its wider compliance activity.

For businesses outside the new development areas, HMRC will continue with the existing programme until it is completed. This means:

  • if you have received a letter dated on or before 23 October 2013, HMRC will still contact you by telephone to ask you to complete an initial telephone questionnaire
  • if HMRC has not yet booked a visit with you, they will offer you the opportunity to get advice on keeping business records from their Business Education and Support Team as an alternative to a visit 
  •  if HMRC has already booked a visit, they will offer you the option of advice on keeping business records from a member of the Business Education and Support Team
  • if you are waiting for a follow-up visit, this will still go ahead

Tonmoy Kumar, Manager of the Accounts Department of ABDS comments:
“HMRC Business Records Checks (BRCs) programme uses on-site visits to encourage customers to keep better records, and keep up to date. The checks help and encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to improve the standard of records they keep. This then helps them to send correct returns to HMRC. We at ABDS can help and assist in this.”

For a more personal approach, those considering setting up a business contact us at ABDS to offer help and support on a range of issues, including keeping records, VAT registration, National Insurance, starting up a limited company, and PAYE Real Time Information.

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