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News - 13 January 2014

Unemployment rates are falling.

The report from the Central Statistics Office shows that the unemployment rate has continued to fall slightly, reaching 12.4% the lowest rate since June 2009.The number of people signing on the live register for benefits fell by 28,322 over the course of last year with the total number of people on the dole at 395,411.

Lavinia Newman, founder of ABDS comments:
“The report also showed that the number of people signing on for a year or more was down 4% over the course of last year to 179,621. The number of men on the register in December was 245,721 compared to 149,690 women.”

It also showed the under 25s on the dole now make up almost 15% of the total signing which has fallen by less than 1% over the course of the year.

Business leaders welcomed the cut in unemployment but demanded the Government introduce concrete long-term measures to tackle joblessness.

Isme, which represents small and medium-sized firms, pointed out long-term claimants still account for a "stubborn" 45% of all those on the dole.

Avine McNally, a director of the Small Firms Association, said emigration was influencing the number of young people on the dole and active labour policies are only part of the solution.

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