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Nick Sansome, Director, Doubletake Motorcycles Limited.
“ABDs have acted as our accountants and tax advisers for the last 5 years that we have been in business as Doubletake Motorcycles Limited.
We have always found their service to be of the highest standard technically. They are not just our accountants but act as our business advisers and helped us over the years in identifying areas of weakness and have highlighted our opportunities. We have never had any problems with the Revenue over the last five years and any issues are swiftly resolved by ABDS.
Over the years ABDS have managed our entire finance function, which frees up out time to concentrate on our business, and they keep us updated regularly on our financial position which helps us in making any necessary financial decisions.
We would happily recommend them to others.
Doubletake Motorcycles Limited.”
Doug Hamilton, Managing Director, Hamble Point Yacht Charters Ltd
“Our previous bookkeeper left us, and the bookkeeping, in rather a mess. ABDS sent round their Bookkeeping and Outsourced Finance Department Manager. He went back over the last year's accounts and corrected them, and now visits us on a monthly basis to keep our affairs up to date. He understands our business and our bookkeeping requirements. We have been more than satisfied with the service ABDS provide.”
David Nicholson & Victoria Pulham, Directors, Poletrix, Eljay UK Ltd
“This is our first business venture. After a false start with our first accountant, our business bank manager recommended ABDS to us. There have been lots of issues that we have had to deal with along the way to becoming successful. However, we have been able to pop in or talk on the phone about all sorts of issues, whether accounting or tax.

We know all the staff at ABDS and there is always someone to help us. More importantly for us, we have been able to discuss business issues where someone with actual commercial experience like Lavinia Newman has been able to provide invaluable advice.

We use the Outsourced Finance Department service at ABDS. They prepare all our VAT returns, weekly wages, final year-end accounts and tax returns. We like them and they do a good job. They prompt us to keep our affairs up to date and to meet the statutory deadlines. They have dealt with our banker very well, and have made us aware of profitability and cash-flow issues on a timely basis. We have recommended them to others for whom they now act.”
Direct Technical Fire & Security Ltd
“I came to ABDS after having had little advice from a non-qualified practitioner. It was a struggle then. I wanted to grow my business and bring my affairs up to date. Following the guidance from ABDS, I now have a growing, successful business. I have incorporated my business, and ABDS explained the tax side and advantages and disadvantages clearly to me. I now make use of the Outsourced Finance Department service, which looks after all aspects of my bookkeeping. It is better than having a bookkeeper, and they provide monthly management accounts and I can keep everything up to date.

They are interested in my business growth and were instrumental in obtaining working capital funding for business development purposes. They introduced me to my current bankers; they prepared the presentation to the bank and attended meetings with me.”
Harrison Home Development Ltd, Romsey
“We have been dealing with ABDS ever since we started in business, as they were recommended by our father, for whom they still act although he is now retired.

Throughout, we have found them reliable and attentive. They explain the accounts at the year end, we meet regularly, and we have the sense that they are interested in our business and in our personal wealth generation and profit extraction.

They liaise well with our other financial advisers and our work gets completed on a timely basis. They prompt us to keep our affairs up to date. We can discuss all business issues with them.”
High Net Worth Individual, Harcare Ltd Rest Home, Totton
“Several years ago, I was trying to find someone to help me with Microsoft money. My then current accountant, a large Southampton firm, could not oblige. I took to the Yellow Pages and spoke to ABDS. They came and trained my bookkeeper, and when I mentioned various tax issues they always seemed to be able to explain things easily.

I changed accountants. Prompt, easy to deal with, tax returns completed shortly after 5 April rather than at the last minute. They deal with several trusts that I have set up. They provide regular monthly reviews of my financial position. They sit in at meetings with me when my stockbroker visits. They now deal with other family members. It has been a good experience.”
Tim Lanham & Andy Martin, Directors, Tim & Andy's Plumbing Services Ltd (TAPS), Eastleigh
“We came to ABDS in a mess on 15th January and they managed to prepare our individual accounts and tax returns before the deadline. They certainly pulled out all the stops for us.

We were both approaching the VAT registration limit and still taking on new business as sole traders. We were getting confusing advice from our accountants. We went to ABDS, where Lavinia Newman talked us through the pros and cons of incorporation and VAT registration, and tax planning. Now we are trading and rapidly growing as TAPS Ltd. It is nice to deal with people who can make it all understandable.”
John Sunderland, Managing Director, Importlink Ltd, Southampton
“We are an import/export agents. On the death of one of our shareholders, I realised our shareholder agreement was inadequate. ABDS drafted a new agreement and assisted with getting all the shareholders on board. They provide regular bookkeeping services to us, preparing monthly management accounts and reports for our Directors and Shareholders. We have been delighted by their understanding of our business and our requirements, and would not hesitate to recommend them.”
Simon May, Managing Director, Boatcare Ltd, Hamble Marina
“With a growing business and an accountant who was unable to provide proactive advice, we were recommended to ABDS by our Bank manager. ABDS assisted us incorporating to trade as a limited company. They explained the various tax and VAT issues. They dealt with all the tax planning issues, saving us over £50,000.

They provided us with regular monthly SAGE training sessions so our bookkeeper can now post up all our accounts, including all the monthly bank and control account reconciliations and journals.

The training was well worth the expense in terms of keeping our year-end accounting cost to a minimum and being confident that our financial information is correct for ongoing business decisions. Our previous accountant hadn't explained the tax implications to us and wasn't confident in moving our business forward. The team at ABDS gave us invaluable advice and assistance with the incorporation process. Moving accountants was entirely worth it as they helped me to understand all the pertinent issues.”
Hazel Roddis, Happily Retired, Hazel's Florist, Bishops Waltham
“When it came to retirement and selling my business, ABDS took the strain off me. They successfully found and negotiated with the purchaser, instructed the solicitor and liaised with him, dealt with due diligence, and Lavinia Newman was there with me when we finally completed and made sure all the final post-completion monies were collected so that my nest egg is intact.

They continue to deal with my husband's and my tax affairs. I always felt confident that when any issues cropped up I could always rely on sound advice.”
Alex Ricketts, Sole Trader, The Oracle, Southampton
“As a rapidly growing hairdressing salon, I had passed the VAT registration limit without my previous accountant advising me. ABDS successfully dealt with the late VAT registration, minimising penalties. With an expanding business I need more room and they are now advising me about the purchase of my premises. What would I have done without them?”