Breaking news from the BBC Paper tax returns to be replaced by digital by 2020


Chancellor George Osborne delivers his last budget before the General Election


Tax planning for 5 April 2015


MPâs accuse PwC of promoting tax avoidance.


The Financial Reporting Standard FRS 102


Green Party proposes wealth tax.


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Bookkeeping is central to a business being able to comply with its responsibilities under laws and regulations, as well as providing management with up to date and reliable data on which to formulate business plans and forecasts. Reliable bookkeeping is also central to planning for Corporation Tax and Income Tax liabilities and taking appropriate steps in terms of mitigating liabilities through strategic planning.

Outsourcing the routine data entry is a function that as accountants we are well placed to fulfil. This service can be combined with other areas such as filing of VAT Returns, payroll and CIS, tax planning and year end accountancy work.

ABDS Bookkeeping enables the streamlining of year end statutory accounts preparation work and tax planning, allowing deadlines to be easily met. This option also avoids the need for clients to purchase their own software and to pay annual license fees.

If clients prefer to use their own software then we are able to assist with product selection and can often source SAGE software directly from SAGE. Training can be provided on the use of SAGE software, or alternatively we can carry out the bookkeeping function. This can either be onsite at a client’s premises or in-house if this is preferred.

Processed bookkeeping can be presented in a variety of formats to suit client needs, or alternatively is taken a step further to assist with business plans and forecasts as well as tax planning.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist with your bookkeeping, VAT or payroll requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Management Accounts

The provision of timely and accurate financial information is vital to assist forward thinking organisations make meaningful decisions about their business. It is surprising how many business owners are at a loss for words when asked whether they know how much profit they have made since their last annual accounts were finalised.

In this competitive world it is absolutely imperative for business owners to constantly monitor their financial position and be aware of the performance of their business so that they can take financial decisions before it is too late. Often we treat the bank account as a rough financial measure and think that if there is money in the bank then we are doing okay. But what if there is a large tax bill due to be paid next month which we have forgotten about since our accounts have not been finalised yet. The management accounts are the tools used to avoid such uncertainties.

We at ABDS will look after your bookkeeping and at the same time prepare monthly/ quarterly or annual management accounts. Our accountants will also analyse and interpret the information within your accounts and offer you advice and recommendations that will help you to develop and add value to your business as well as give you a clear indication of where the business stands financially.

Different businesses will have different management accounting needs, depending on the business areas that are important to them. These can include:

• the purchasing process - such as stock records and creditors
• the sales process - such as pricing, distribution and debtors
• a fixed asset register - details of all fixed assets, including identification numbers, cost and date of purchase, etc.
• employee records

There is no legal requirement to prepare management accounts, but it is hard to run a business efficiently without them.

Management accounts (monthly or quarterly and yearly) analyse recent performance and can include forward-looking elements such as sales, cashflow and profit forecasts. This analysis is viewed against your forecasts and budgets produced at the start of the year and helps you to identify variances between the budgeted and the actual figures. This information is broken down depending on the different elements of the business. It could be on different branches or outlets, on different product lines, one brand against another, so that decisions can be made on the profitability and sustainability and strategic importance to the overall business.

If you want to know more about how ABDS can help with Management Accounts, please contact us now.

Payroll and CIS

We at ABDS pride ourselves on being able to offer a fully comprehensive payroll bureau for a wide variety of businesses, yet we are still flexible enough to offer a completely bespoke service (weekly, four weekly, monthly or annual basis, producing detailed payslips requisite to our client’s needs) to suit the size and nature of our clients business. Our payroll department is fully integrated with the Bookkeeping and Accounts services that we offer.

With the constant and never ending stream of new Governmental initiatives, keeping fully aware of the complexities can be daunting. We at ABDS can offer assistance and advice on Company pension scheme deductions, statutory payments (SSP, SMP, etc.), Childcare Voucher scheme, National Minimum Wage, Student Loan repayments, monthly CIS returns and payslips, Revenue forms (P35, P14, P45,  P11D etc.) In fact, all aspects of a modern, accurate and timely PAYE Payroll Service.

We have extensive experience in dealing with PAYE reviews, Audits and general Revenue payroll disputes.

Contact ABDS now for a fully inclusive quotation for our services, and let us at ABDS take the burden of governmental paperwork and red tape, enabling you to concentrate on your business

Sage Training

In addition, we provide training in the correct and effective use of Sage, if required. Alternatively, we can review your current process, suggesting improvements where necessary