Breaking news from the BBC Paper tax returns to be replaced by digital by 2020


Chancellor George Osborne delivers his last budget before the General Election


Tax planning for 5 April 2015


850,000 Penalty notices to be issued by HMRC


Fuel campaigners welcome fuel report findings


HMRC claim over £1billion in tax avoidance saved.


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Business Sale & Retirement Planning

We provide guidance and assistance to enable you to achieve a comfortable retirement, from ensuring the best sale price and tax saving when you sell your business, to retaining your nest egg and seeing that your spouse is comfortably provided for, while minimising the inheritance tax on your estate.

Are you thinking about retiring and have not dealt with any retirement planning? To retire, do you need to sell your business? Because this is the only time you will be doing this, you require someone with a proven track record to assist you. Do you have someone interested in purchasing your business, but you feel that they may not be offering you what it is worth? Would you would like someone with you to add weight to the negotiating process when selling your business? Do you know what due diligence means and what personal trading details are required of you? Do you not really want to deal with selling your business on your own but would rather not discuss your concerns with business partners, family members or friends? Do you need you need to put an exit strategy in place prior to arriving at your retirement date? Do you want to know how much tax the taxman will take if your sell your business? Are you concerned that, when you die, the taxman will take everything you have worked and saved for, and you want to know what you need to do now to protect the interests of your heirs and remain compliant? If you have decided to stop trading, would you like to know how to find out if your trade is worth anything? Do you want to know how to get the best price for your business without handing the whole process over to someone else? 

Would you like some timely advice and help from someone in the know? ABDS provides a comprehensive service including: 

  • Preparation for sale
  • Business valuation
  • VAT and tax implications
  • Due diligence
  • Price negotiations
  • Funding
  • Employment matters
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Sale structures

We can assist you in the formulation of an effective exit strategy that is designed to suit your individual requirements. We will make sure that we gain a thorough understanding of your personal and business situation, and offer sound advice that is relevant to your circumstances.

In addition, we can advise you regarding the amount of tax that will become payable upon your death, and assist in the implementation of strategies designed to protect the interests of your heirs.

You will be supported during the whole business sale process. You will have a professional mentor, who is entirely on your side, when you wish to discuss a problem. You will benefit from the experience of an independent professional who has been through the process before. We may bring new ideas to the sale and negotiation process that you have not previously considered. You will benefit from the experience of an accountant who has helped other businesses. Your situation will be fully researched to ensure that it is addressed properly. 

We listen to what you tell us. We discuss matters in an open and understandable way. We have good contacts with other professionals. You will benefit from sound business advice based upon our understanding of the business environment.